Why Himalayan Nettle is good for you?

Walking in the mountains has always been about watching out and staying away from the stinging nettle. Bicchu Buti as it is locally known. Nobody was really stopping to think how wondrous this precious herb could be.

The powerful punch of nettle comes loaded with calcium, potassium, magnesium, Vitamin C, Vitamin B Complex, amino acids, beta carotene and silica to name a few. An excellent additive to your routine if you want to have great skin health as well as metabolic health. Just brew yourself a cup of tea with nettle leaves and you’re on your way to restoring your body internally. Not just internal but the external applications of nettle have been found to be extremely effective in fighting off allergies, dealing with greasy skin, decreasing inflammation.

When used for hair health Nettle is excellent for reducing hair fall and helping restore scalp health by reducing any allergies and dandruff. Not only does it reduce hair fall but the silica content in it also helps promote regrowth of hair. It has been used since ancient times as an ayurvedic treatment for hair growth. The <strong>Himalayan Hibiscus Hair Oil</strong> is a hair oil for hair growth and has an abundant quantity of nettle in it which is a key ingredient to stop hair loss and promote hair growth by strengthening the roots of your hair follicles.

Nettle also has naturally occurring astringent properties which help the skin retain it’s ageless look by keeping the skin tight and firm. The silica content in it also helps delaying skin ageing and keeps the skin younger looking and healthier. It controls the sebum production on the skin thereby keeping acne at bay. In fact nettle has been used since ancient times in ayurvedic treatments for acne, skin allergies and fighting eczema. Ancient Egyption beauty regimens comprised of using nettle extract to enhance and get that flawless skin. The <strong>Himalayan Glow Drops and the Himalayan Intensive Skin Repair</strong> have the extract of freshly plucked Himalayan nettle. Both these facial serums are organic and natural and an excellent addition to your chemical free skincare routine.