Our founding principle is to reduce the toxic burden on earth through non-toxic products and zero-waste packaging. However, as a female led startup, we are deeply focused on empowering women to step out and do something beyond their Chulha/Kitchens and join us in our mission.

hibiscus flower

Currently India as a country stands at a crossroads where the two greatest needs of the hour are to empower it’s women across all strata and to develop sustainably. We strongly believe and value both these requirements and thus have incorporated it into our path towards growth.

Through Himalayan Origins, we are trying to create an environment where women can earn some revenue and live with dignity and self assurance.They are slowly joining in to take part in our procurement of fresh herbs and also take part in packaging the products that reach our customers across India. Alongside, we also focus on employing village folks in the mountain areas who previously earned their living from the tourism sector but post covid, as life changes for many, are now looking to regain their lost steady source of living. 

It brings joy to us to bring some change through our products and it brings us even greater joy that we can create opportunities for people who have previously been never exposed to anything which allows them to develop a new skillset