Our Story

A leap of faith, an act of rebellion, a labour of love, our homage to mother nature and a step in the right direction. The creation of Himalayan Origins is all of the above..and much more !

Our story goes something like this. One of us sisters is an environmentalist and a wildlife photographer while the other has been an avid traveller and a leading digital marketing expert, both on a never ending quest for a plastic free and chemical free life. We like to believe that human beings were put on this earth to be the gardeners and guardians of this beautiful and bountiful planet. Somewhere the tribe has lost track and instead of harmony chosen the path of utter destruction.

For many years we had been trying to find products that will bring the harmonious union of plastic free living and real organic into reality. It was a never ending struggle since one either found a decent product packaged in pure plastic or products claiming to be natural and organic but loaded with hidden chemicals. This need became even stronger after motherhood began. We really wanted to be as natural as possible in todays environment and protect our children from the harmful effects of chemicals as well.

The germination of Himalayan Origins thus began. We decided to take charge of what we put on and into our body. For us a huge advantage was living in the lower reaches of the Himalayas. So, taking advantage of our picturesque and natural environment of the Himalayan backdrop we decided to go back to mother nature and start from scratch, create something that was exactly how we wanted to be ourselves and how we wished the world to be. Unadulterated and pure.

Founder and CEO
Soumya Parmar
Co-Founder and COO


When we first started creating our own natural products it was amazing to see the results of a chemical free skincare regime. The skin started to glow again, lost it’s dullness, and after years there was finally an end to split ends and hair fall! Encouraged and supported by these results we decided to go ahead and create natural products that actually deliver on their promise.

This journey of us , led us to realise that when you create with honesty and passion, using mother nature as your source of inspiration you need look no further. Handcrafted and pure with wild sourced ingredients helped us create a line of products that have gone a long way into healing our bodies and souls from the years of chemical damage inflicted upon us and we now wish to share this with you.

You get back what you give in…when you put in purity you are rewarded with purity.. And trust us, the joy of seeing results that come from using all natural while being in complete harmony with mother nature, leave one with a different level of exaltation. Our zero waste products will bring to you the goodness of raw nature and with your support we can create a better planet. Earthlings is what we are and earth is our only home. Our biggest responsibility is towards mother nature. Let us join hands and live in sync with Mother earth.. The way we were meant to be…