Hibiscus or Gudhal ka phool – Nature’s elixir for radiant skin

Hibiscus or Gudhal ka phool – Nature’s elixir for radiant skin

Nature has provided us with an answer to everything. We need only look, and there, it will be waiting for us. A favourite offering to Lord Ganesha, hibiscus is one such bountiful gift from nature. A wonder ingredient for our skin as well as hair.

Found aplenty across our motherland, Hibiscus grows in different forms and is beginning to attain glory as the natural Botox treatment. The flower is said to promote collagen production in the skin. It is naturally rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin C is a key requirement to boost Collagen production. We, at Himalayan Origins, do not believe in synthetic ingredients and substitutes. We have made the effort to go back to nature and find natural sources of our skincare essentials, thus making our products very gentle and truly organic as compared to synthetic substitutes. The organic and natural Himalayan Intensive Skin Repair and the Himalayan Glow Drops both contain hibiscus in them which acts to repair skin damage, restore the natural skin barrier and gives you hydrated, supple skin. These are very well suited to those looking for organic skincare products for oily skin.

Hibiscus contains mucin in it’s flowers which retains moisture in the skin and when applied to the skin makes it very supple and gives a radiant glow. Applying the paste of Hibiscus flower mixed with honey will lead to clear, bright skin. It enhances the complexion greatly revealing the real beauty in your skin.

Pollution and the daily stress of life takes a massive toll on our skin taking the shine away and making our skin look dull and lifeless. This is when most people look to quick fix answers that are loaded with chemicals and give you instant results but in the long run they wreak havoc on your skin. The anti-oxidant properties of Hibiscus help reverse the damage caused by external factors like pollution, UV rays and stress.

The benefits of hibiscus to the hair once again are innumerable. The leaves and flowers of the plant are beneficial in strengthening the roots of our hair follicles thus working from the roots upwards and reducing hair fall. Most often the external stress factors in our lives including pollution damage not only our skin but our hair health as well. Hibiscus is also said to help with pre mature greying of hair and reduce the intensity of the greys. When the flower acts to strengthen the hair roots it also promotes hair growth alongside. There is always a need for a hair oil for thick hair and strong hair. This is the reason we have included Hibiscus as our main ingredient in the Himalayan Hibiscus hair Oil which has been handcrafted with thirteen different herbs in varied proportions to give the unique blend of the oil that leaves you with soft and nourished hair. The Hibiscus Hair oil is an excellent hair oil for hair growth and is also a helpful hair oil for grey hair. With regular and proper usage, it reduces the intensity of grey hair and the pre mature appearance of them.

Like I said, nature has given us all the answers. We need only have faith and reach out to find those. Hibiscus is, needless to say, truly a gift from Gods.