71% of the earth surface comprises of water! A basic amenity for all the living forms of the planet Earth. Whether regulating climate or providing a habitat for the majestic biodiversity, oceans have given us with abundant resources for biodiversity and humanity to sustain upon. 

Today, the scenario is not the same! Around 14 Million tons of plastic ends up in oceans, forming an 80% of the total Marine Debris due to which vast number of species fall prey to the plastic pools. From avifauna to shoreline diversity or microplastic been traced in human anatomy, plastics have caused a detrimental impact. 

There was a time, when a visit to a beach was filled with joy, fresh breeze and a plastic-free oceans. Nowadays, all we could find is garbage heaps on beaches. Plastic-free Ocean is a myth in today’s world.

The change is reversible only if we take action! 

To build a better world for our future to sustain upon, and leave nothing but footprints on the beach, This World Ocean Day, we are delighted to announce, that Himalayan Origins have partnered with Ek Saath: The Earth Foundation, a non-governmental organization that works at the grassroot level to conserve our ecosystem and its biodiversity with the acts of sustainability. 

Sustainability starts at home. Considering our daily consumption of basic necessities that comes in plastic packaging, consumers can help us in minimizing or reducing their plastic footprint. To make the change happen and drive a sense of urgency and awareness, Himalayan Origins has partnered with Ek Saath: The Earth Foundation, with an aim to create an eco-friendly, environment conscious and a sustainable planet for humankind. 

Himalayan Origins helps us to eliminate the need for recycling or generating a plastic waste in the leading industry of personal care. Their Zero-waste Shampoo and Conditioner comes in the form of solid bar with eco-friendly packaging while simultaneously eradicating single-use plastic bottles. The best packaging comes as no packaging! As we all know, the best way to conserve our planet is to not produce another plastic. 

Join our crusade to build a plastic-free world and switch to a more sustainable alternative. Let’s make a difference today.

(As we partner with Ek Saath, for every sale done via this initiative, we will be donating a percentage of the sales proceeds towards Ek Saath’s effort and support them to build a plastic-free future with the acts of sustainability!)

Ek Saath: The Earth Foundation

Founded in 2020 by Pragya Kapoor, Ek Saath: The Earth Foundation is a charitable trust working in the field of Environment and Sustainability. Learning to co-exist with nature and making it our biggest ally, Ek Saath is a movement that aids in driving this urgency by celebrating our love for mother nature, our Gaia, and its life forms with the acts of sustainability! 

With an aim to sensitize and build a sense of responsibility among the citizens towards the environment, Ek Saath has partnered with various organisation that works in the similar field. 

Ek Saath’s vision is to build an eco-friendly, sustainable and a zero-waste society collectively for the future of humankind and wildlife. To engage people at grassroot level and empower communities to take the ownership, Ek Saath has undertaken various projects such as 

  • “Sustaining Paradise” in partnership with Healing Himalayas to build MRF across the state for proper waste management. Ek Saath has successfully built its first MRF at Rakcham and has recycled over 7000 kgs of waste from Himalayas. 
  • “Carter Beach and Mangrove Cleanup” with initiative partners Carter Cleanup group to conduct Cleanup drive every weekend. Currently, Ek Saath is in its 49th week of the clean-up drive. Around 5300 kgs of waste has been collected and sent for recycling. 
  • “Mission Green Punjab” at Ludhiana to eradicate plastic-pollution and increase the green belt through native species plantation. 

Simultaneously, Ek Saath has successfully initiated and conducted projects such as “Back to the roots” to promote the plantation of native species by encouraging volunteers to choose natives over exotics. “Eco-Switch”- switch to a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative such as bamboo brush, natural detergents, refillable products to eliminate single-use plastic in our daily chores. 

Ek Saath: The Earth Foundation is on a mission to create an environment free from ignorance and exploitation by developing a sustainable environment and bridging the gap that separates us from co-existence! 

Join their Volunteering Program and be a part of their tribe to build a better world.