Truth about Natural and Synthetic Face Serum

Face serums are something we all want to invest our time and money in. However, the divisive opinions we come across make this process slightly tricky. For example, the common sayings like – “Chemicals are bad for us", "natural face serums are ineffective", "synthetic products lead to over-sensitivity", etc. With such polarised views on the subject, one may only get confused with no clear face serum choice in sight. 

 Hence, today we'll be spilling the truth about Natural and Synthetic Face Serum to help you choose wisely among them. 


Synthetic Face Serum 

 Synthetic face serums are products that incorporate laboratory and scientifically derived ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, retinol, etc. They contain formulas that are made using chemical copies of natural ingredients. Although the synthetic face serums are not inherently bad. The fear & stigma against synthetic products stems from the "Chemo Phobia," which basically emerges from the confusing labels riddled with chemical names. 

Generally, people opt for synthetic face serum as they serve as quick fixes and sometimes that's exactly what we need. However, it is crucial to understand that a quick fix is not the ultimate solution. 

Besides, some of the chemical substances popularly used in synthetic face serum might have some side effects on your skin after long-term use. For example, overuse of hyaluronic acid may leave your skin thirsty and dehydrated. Moreover, synthetic face serums can be a poor match for people with chronic skin conditions like eczema or rosacea. For these people, serums may penetrate their skin too quickly due to weak skin barriers and cause irritation. 


Natural Face Serum 

 Natural Face Serums are serums formulated with ingredients that are found in nature or extracted from plants, such as botanical oils. Natural face serums do not consist of sulphates, parabens, or other environmentally unfriendly substances. Neither do they use Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) or petrochemical constituents. This is what primarily differentiates natural face serums from synthetic ones. 

Like synthetic face serums, natural face serums are available in varieties to tackle various issues depending upon their constituents. Although, the risk of side effects is fairly lower while using a naturally curated product.  


Which one is a better choice? 

The better choice depends from person to person based on the desired results. However face serums, that use the replica of natural ingredients and not the real botanicals could serve as quick fixes, and maybe relevant for someone looking to get that quick fix. However, face serums with natural botanicals will appear as the better choice among the two options as they will work slowly but have a long-lasting positive impact.  

At Himalayan Origins, we offer natural face serums for all skin types that will give your skin the glow you wish for. Our products are absolutely natural and there are no hidden ingredients in the composition.  


  • Check out our Dew Drops Face Serum made with the power of skin healing sandalwood and skin brightening licorice. It promotes glowing skin with help of earthy ingredients like Rose, Neem and Babchi oil. 


Dew Drops Face Serum
  • For those who seek the dynamic benefits of saffron, we have Lustre Drops Face Serum with the goodness of Hazelnut oil and Saffron that promote a healthy complexion and glow. 


Lustre Drops Face Serum
  • Our Radiance Drops Serum is packed with the power of Manjistha and fresh Hibiscus that give you clear, blemish free skin. 


Radiance Drops Serum

An interesting fact about Himalayan Origins is that we are all about fresh herbs and botanicals sourced from the mountains in the Himalayas. The ingredients we use are not only safe for your skin but the environment as well. They won't pollute the environment or contaminate groundwater. In addition to that, we strive to go 99% plastic-free and sustainable with our packaging to reduce the plastic footprint.  

Moreover, we allow our customers to be absolutely in charge of what they feed their skin by listing all the ingredients that are sealed inside their bottle of face serum clearly.  

Explore Himalayan Origins range of face serums – 100% natural, eco-friendly and handcrafted with love. We strive to help you achieve that healthy, dewy glow, one that only mother nature can give you and one that lasts!