5 Benefits Of Natural Hair Oil That May Change Your Perspective

Natural Hair Oils have seen a spike in popularity in recent years as our society grows to be more environment & health-conscious. Even so, until recently, many of us were running away from anything associated with oil. Oily skin, oily hair, and this substance’s greasy texture seemed repulsive to most of us.

Although, now that we have begun to realize the wonders of natural hair oil, it is safe to say that natural hair oils are our allies in the quest for healthy, strong hair.

Read on and discover 5 benefits of Natural Hair Oil that will convince you to go for natural products for your hair.


N for Natural, N for Nourishment! 

Chemically enhanced hair products may serve as a quick fix to your hair concerns by providing the look & texture you crave. However, quick fixes are never a healthy choice. Similarly, synthetic haircare products damage your hair from within in the long run.

Natural hair oils are incredibly beneficial as they nourish and strengthen your hair. It is a well-known traditional practice to apply naturally occurring oils to hair & scalp to improve hair quality. The earthy ingredients in natural hair oils have the power to grow your hair thicker, softer, and shinier.

The fresh herbs and botanicals penetrate deep within the shafts and revitalise the hair issues. The only trick with natural hair oils is the more consistently you use them, the healthier your hair will get!


Skin-Friendly & UV-Protective

Synthetic components & chemicals combined in a product is a recipe for skin irritation, allergic reactions and several other skin anomalies.

Natural Hair Oils rescue your scalp & hair from the painful adverse reaction to a product. Since our scalp absorbs about 90% of the product we apply, it’s reassuring to know that the product you are using has all-natural ingredients derived from the magnificent Himalayas and forests.

Natural Hair Oils also provide strong protection against UV Rays as the plant phenols found in botanical ingredients have the innate ability to prevent and even reverse the harmful effects of UV radiation on the skin and hair.


Value For Money

Natural hair oils are worth every penny you spend on them. Even though they tend to be more expensive than their chemically-enhanced competitors, but the price gap is relatively narrow.

Plus, the price of natural products is proportional to the benefits they offer. You will gain far more value from a natural product than you will from chemical-infused hair products.

Considering the pros and cons of both types of products, it’s safe to say that natural hair oils are far more valuable.


Improves Overall Health

Chemically-enhanced haircare products not only degrade the hair quality but your overall health. Even small proportions of chemicals act as poison for your body in the long run. By consuming chemicals through hair care products, you expose your whole body to the side effects of those chemicals.

However, Natural Hair Oils eliminate the unnecessary chemical intake that can prove harmful to your body. Natural Hair Oils are enriched with unique properties that will lead to healthier hair and a healthier body.



We seldom think about it, but chemically rich hair products contaminate the environment as they get washed down the drain polluting the soil & water. The practice of relying upon chemicals for haircare can significantly negatively affect the world around us.

On the other hand, Natural Hair Oils are safe for the environment since they are primarily biodegradable and all-natural. They use safe and eco-friendly methods of extraction. Moreover, the cruelty-free & vegan features of natural hair products are more reason to make the switch. It’s a win for you & the environment!

If you are willing to avail these benefits natural hair oils, it’s time to let go of your old haircare routine and explore the range of natural hair oils by Himalayan Origins.

natural hair oil

Our Bhimal and Black Onion Seed Hair Oil is made with Bhimal, a plant indigenous to the lower Himalayan reaches. It is specially crafted to fight dandruff with its anti-bacterial properties, thereby addressing multiple issues, including hair fall.

Hibiscus Organic Hair Oil

A family recipe for healthy hair passed on from generation to generation is now available in a glass bottle as our Himalayan Hibiscus Organic Hair Oil. It brings together the goodness of fresh herbs and botanicals to give you hair that will shine with good health. It penetrates deep within the shafts to heal the damage caused by chemical treatments and environmental stress.

Explore Himalayan Origins range of skin & hair care products and strive for healthier hair, healthier skin and a healthier body by going for natural products.