Body Care Products That Need Your Attention

We are living in the golden days of the body care industry with a variety of products, solutions and ingredients at our disposal. Each product is so unique and niche as if it is specially handcrafted to suit an individual’s needs. It almost urges us to pause briefly and think about how far this industry has come.

From ancient Egypt and Greek when people were locally sourcing natural ingredients to use them for cosmetic purposes and the age of Renaissance when women were practically colouring their faces with silver, mercury and lead to the modern era when beauty and body care has a different meaning for every human. 

Earlier, aesthetic was the key term associated with beauty. However, in the present times, people are largely concerned with the environmental impact of the products they buy and use. Hence, the most yearned for features of all body care products are now natural, sustainable and plastic-free.

Natural Body Care Products – Not A Trend!

As one may notice, throughout the evolutionary ages of the beauty industry, a certain trend emerges and fades away as the time and preferences of the people change. However, one practice that remains constant is that time and again we keep going back to our roots (nature) to fulfil our body care needs. 

Today as well, the beauty industry is making an attempt to connect with nature with the help of science for aesthetics is not the only requirement of 21st-century women. Hence, it is safe to say that the emerging natural body care products that are surging in demand now are not a trend but the only constant in the beauty industry. These products are rich in the goodness of botanicals that help you shine both inside and out.

A few such body care products handcrafted by people at Himalayan Origins that will change the way you conduct your skin and hair care regime are listed below. 

Cold Pressed Soaps

Cold Pressed Soaps have garnered immense love from buyers who seek the essence of nature in their products. This method of soap making is capable of preserving the goodness of plant-derived butter and oils to the fullest. The soap bars made using this method are customised to encompass the goodness of botanicals like Coconut, Rose, Clay, Charcoal and several others. Following are a few Cold Pressed Soaps that are good for your face, body and environment. 

It’s difficult to talk about skincare and not mention Coconut. It is perhaps the most beneficial and commonly used item that can surprise anyone with its positive effect on the body. By embracing the pros of coconut oil and milk, we have created the Coconut Milk Soap to give you soft and nourished skin with the health benefits of Coconut oil, Olive Oil, Cocoa butter, Almond oil, Apricot oil, Cocoa and Coconut Milk. 



Rose, the exotic flower is capable of romanticising anything. From rose wine to rose tea, it always abides by the promise of enhancing your experience. Interestingly, it does the same when it comes to skincare. Hence, to help you experience the purity of Rose, we have crafted the Rose Clay Soap, a blend of Rose clay and Rose oil to give your skin a rosy complexion. It contains the benefits of Rose Clay, Argan oil, Coconut oil, Mango Butter, Olive Oil, Safflower Oil, Castor oil, Rose oil and Frankincense. 



Charcoal can be rightly described as the shy sibling who one day comes out of the closet and leaves everyone in awe of their greatness. Our Charcoal and Tea Tree Detox Soap, as the name suggests, works to detox your skin with the power of activated charcoal. We have combined the coconut-derived activated charcoal and tea tree oil to give you an excellent cleansing and impurity removing soap bar.

Himalayan Origins is loaded to the brim with many such exciting and eco-friendly products that help you embrace nature and incorporate its goodness in your daily lifestyle. Moreover, if you wish to paint your life green and make the switch to sustainable products, Himalayan Origins is the ideal brand for you. 

Explore our website to discover skin and hair care products that are natural, eco-friendly and are delivered to you in 99% plastic-free packaging.