What You Know and Don't Know About Facial Soaps

Facial Soaps are the primary face cleansing product we were introduced to as kids until it becomes a constant in our skincare regime. The purpose of facial soaps may seem obvious (to clean) but it goes beyond this very purpose and if used right, it can help you achieve the glow you yearn for years. Since it's such a standard product, there's a lot we already know and understand about facial soaps. However, a few myths and false information are circulating in the skincare world regarding facial soaps. Thus, let's dive deeper into the world of facial soaps and explore what we do and don't know about their formation, composition, purpose, and functionality.


Formation Comes First 

It's imperative to know about the formation of soaps to fully understand this cleansing staple. Historically, Babylonians were the first ones to master the art of soap making by mixing fat and ash in 2800 B.C. However, modern soap making is a tad more complex than that. It combines advanced ingredients to form high-quality soaps and the ideal process to do so is the Cold Process Method.  

Natural soap manufacturers mainly use this method as it efficiently preserves the goodness of plant-derived butter and oils. Moreover, the soap bars made from this method are handmade, natural, and can be customized to the core. So, if you seek all-natural facial soaps, this is what you must look for in your facial soap brand.


Facial Soaps = Dirt-Free Skin 

Facial soaps have one true purpose, which is to cleanse your face from dirt and get rid of bacteria. Our skin is prone to build-up as it is regularly exposed to several external elements, pollution, and much more. Facial soaps remove sweat sebum through chemical compositions that surround dirt & oil, dissolve them and make it easier for water to wash them away. Moreover, facial soaps also help in removing dead cells from the epidermis, the outermost layer of skin to aid your skin's natural exfoliating process for healthy glowing skin without breakouts.


True Skincare Partner  

Facial soaps enhance the effect of other skincare products used on your skin by increasing absorption power. Once your skin is free of the excess build-up of dirt, bacteria, and dead skin cells, it becomes a fresh canvas for your skincare products to do their jobs more effectively. For instance – skincare products like serums & toners can penetrate deep within your skin's layers nicely to deliver the hydrating & nourishing effect you wish for. 


Say Goodbye to Acne with Facial Soaps 

Another purpose of facial soaps is to prevent acne as it is not a problem faced only by teenagers but also adults. Since acne affects people with different intensities, facial soaps can help you treat it to some extent. The consistent use of facial soaps with acne-fighting ingredients like salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide make them effective agents to prevent skin breakouts and remove impurities. 


Your Go-to Makeup Remover

We all dread the outcome the very next morning of going to bed with makeup on; facial soaps could come in handy for this situation. Since we all know that usually makeup products are curated to stay for a long time and they don't easily come off with makeup-removing wipes alone. Therefore, a facial soap is the go-to makeup remover option for many people. Although the basics of facial soaps are known to many, there's a bunch of information that's often overlooked. Thus, it's important to attain as much information as possible about something that you wish to apply directly to your skin. 


There's One for Each Skin Type

There's a facial soap made for every skin type and it's imperative to find/use the one that suits your skin the best. The composition of facial soaps usually revolves around the key properties of a specific skin type. 

 For instance – 

1) Vitamin E-rich soaps are suitable for dry skin, 

2) Glycolic acid & Citric acid work great for oily skin, and 

3) Salicylic acid is good for treating acne. 

 Therefore, the correct facial soap might deliver the expected result, however, using the incorrect one may harm your skin.


It All Comes Down to Rinsing 

Conventional facial soaps use several surfactants, chemicals, and other ingredients to formulate a product that's not right for either our skin type or to deliver the desired results. However, among all the aspects of skincare, we often forget the importance of thoroughly washing the soap off our faces. Since a layer of chemicals is applied to our skin, we must thoroughly rinse it as the soap residue can adversely affect our skin. The infamous celebrity aesthetician, Renee Rouleau, also suggests rinsing it off by splashing lukewarm water on the face a good method rather than just wiping it off with a tissue.

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