Himalayan Origins

The Hair Oil Duo

Rs. 900.00

Our Hair Oils are packed with fresh herbs and oils which have been known for decades to address hair issues like hair fall, dandruff, dry and damaged hair. The power of these botanicals brings back thickness, strength and shine to the hair 

Himalayan Hibiscus Hair Oil: A melange of eighteen different herbs and oils, all freshly sourced goes into making this amazing Hair Oil. The Himalayan Hibiscus Hair Oil comes packed with the goodness of nature and may help reduce hair fall, hair breakage, promote healthy hair growth and also reduce premature greying. We make our oils fresh in small batches in order to bring the best of Himalayan purity to you

Bhimal & Black Onion Seed Hair Oil: The Bhimal and Black Onion Seed Hair Oil is especially crafted to fight dandruff thereby addressing multiple issues including hair fall caused by dandruff while providing deep conditioning to the hair. Bhimal which is the local name of Grewia Optiva is indigenous to the lower Himalayan reaches

*For full ingredients list of each product look at the individual product pages 

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