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Flawless Haircare Bundle

Rs. 1,275.00

There are days you want to oil your hair and there are days you want to avoid oiling your hair but still give your hair that deep nourishment and shine. Now you can club our bestseller Hibiscus Hair Oil, Coconut Shampoo Bar and Jatamansi & Bhringraj Hair Butter together. Save 15% and get flawless hair without going to the salon. 

Coconut Oil Shampoo Bar: Love the hair you wear. Coconut Oil Shampoo Bar is packed with the goodness of cold pressed coconut oil and hydrolyzed silk extract to give you highly nourished and smooth hair. It comes in eco-friendly paper packaging and is your alternative to adopt a plastic free lifestyle

Himalayan Hibiscus Hair Oil: A melange of eighteen different herbs and oils, all freshly sourced goes into making this amazing Hair Oil. The Himalayan Hibiscus Hair Oil comes packed with the goodness of nature and may help reduce hair fall, hair breakage, promote healthy hair growth and also reduce premature greying. We make our oils fresh in small batches in order to bring the best of Himalayan purity to you

Jatamansi & Bhringraj Hair ButterJatamansi and Bhringraj hair butter is a pure hair butter that is loaded with the goodness of all natural ingredients without any dilution with water to take away the benefits. This potent butter will leave your hair soft, nourished and deeply conditioned. Hair that you can’t stop flaunting ! Our customers have seen their hair become less frizzy and better in quality with regular use of this Hair Butter. It is a pre wash hair butter, and needs to be washed with shampoo. 



*For full ingredients list of each product look at the individual product pages 

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