Sustainable Mother's Day Gifting Ideas

The first thing that comes to our mind when we hear the word Mother is comfort. We think about nurturing and the amount of nonsense they bear daily. To make our mothers feel special we often disregard the most important ‘mother’ in our life, “Mother Earth”. I think it is safe to say that our “Mother Earth” takes a huge load of garbage from us and the amount of exhaustion it costs the Earth, is similar to what our mothers go through just 7.9 billion times more. This mothers’ day celebrate both your mothers by choosing sustainable gifting options.

Himalayan Origins has curated a whole collection of gift boxes that are sustainable and will surely make your mother smile. 

  1. Himalayan Origins Hair and Skincare Giftbox: This box contains the best haircare and skincare products from Himalayan Origins. This box contains the  Himalayan Hibiscus Hair Oil, Kapaas Soap Free Rose Face Cleanser, Coconut Oil Shampoo Bar, Mango Butter & Argan Oil Conditioner, and is a one-stop solution for all haircare and skincare miseries. 
  2. Himalayan Origins Haircare Gift Box: The Himalayan Origins Haircare Gift Box is a complete haircare gifting solution, which contains Himalayan Hibiscus Hair Oil, Jatamansi & Bhringraj Hair Butter, Coconut Oil Shampoo Bar, Mango Butter & Argan Oil Conditioner. Gift this to your mother and let her hair feel the difference. 
  3. Sustainable Green Gifting Box: Replace all your plastic combs and switch to our sustainable rosewood comb. Enhance your bathroom or kitchen decor and say goodbye to mushy soap with our sustainable and easy to clean square soap dish.  Coconut oil adds shine to your hair and fights the daily damage caused by pollution and chemicals 
  4. Your Daily Care Gift Box: This box contains two Handcrafted Cold Processed Soaps, an eco-friendly wooden soap dish, and a rosewood comb. It is time to make a reasonable switch to sustainable products and ditch the conventional ones that are a hazard to the environment. 
  5. Make the Green Switch Box: This box contains two products that help you switch towards a greener lifestyle without compromising on the quality of experience in haircare that you are getting from your existing products. Mango Butter and Argan Oil conditioner bar nourish your hair deeply to reveal shiny and smooth hair that you would love to run your hands through. Coconut Oil Shampoo Bar is packed with the goodness of cold-pressed coconut oil and hydrolyzed silk extract to give you highly nourished, smooth hair and reduce hair fall. Make this switch and be more environmentally friendly.
  6. Serum Sampler Box: Our three serum sampler box contains, lustre drop serum, radiance drop serum, and dewdrops serum which give glowing skin.
  7. Pamper Yourself Hair and Skin Spa Box: This box contains Kapaas, our soap-free rose face cleanser, and Jatamansi Hair Butter. It also comes along with a  wooden comb that distributes the natural oils from the roots to the hair strands more effectively.   

Apart from this here are some more sustainable gifting ideas that will help you make a smarter choice:

Tree Saplings Date: Take your mother out on a date and plant a few trees together in her name. Trees assist to cool the globe, offering habitat for wildlife, and cleaning the air. You can also plant a tree in honor of mom and surprise her or gift her a tree to plant herself (if she likes spending time alone) She would undoubtedly appreciate this gift

Bird Feeder: Buy your mother a wooden bird feeder and paint it in her favorite colors. She can hang it in her garden and enjoy the chirpy company of birds daily. A great personalized yet a sustainable option. 

Plants: Plants bring a lot of happiness to everyone, gift her a full planting DIY kit and some seeds which you can use to grow regular vegetables on your home terrace garden. Couple it with some interesting plant growing bags which are made in an eco-friendly way. Make sure you don’t gift a bouquet that is wrapped in a plastic film 

Composting Kit: While there can be a lot of mental blocks around composting, another great way to discuss the future of the planet and how you and your family can impact the planet is by introducing Composting to your Mother ( if she is not already implementing it at home ) One of the best Composting Kits available in the market is by @DailyDumpCompost

Sustainability Books: There are several waste management books available on Amazon which generate ideas on how to cut waste at home. 

Digital Magazine Subscription: Cut down the use of paper by gifting her a digital magazine subscription. If she loves reading magazines urge her to lessen her environmental effect by giving her a membership to a digital magazine instead. National Geographic, Peppermint Magazine, and a slew of other periodicals are available in digital versions for convenient and environmentally friendly reading.

You can also try a wide array of Himalayan Origins gifting combos that are curated with love for both your mothers. It is cruelty-free and natural and will surely make your mother smile.