How to conduct a patch test ?

What is a patch test: 

Patch test before using a skincare product is a test conducted to check if you are allergic to the product. Doing a patch test before using a new skincare product is always recommended. A lot of times we think patch test is something complicated and cannot be done easily at home. The answer is No! We can easily do a patch test at home and get the results in 24 hours.


What is a patch test?

Steps involved in conducting a patch test

First Step: You can do a patch test at the side of your neck or your wrist or even elbow. You need to clean the area that you are chosing to conduct the patch test on.

Second Step: You should apply the product you are testing on the area and cover that area up for atleast 24 hours. Use a bandage to do this or a medical tape.  Don’t take too much of the product; the quantity should be optimal. Avoid getting the patch test area wet and plan activities of the day in a such a way that the area remains dry during the period of the test.

Third Step: After 24 hours, if you see no skin irritation, redness in that area then you are good to go. However if you face any irritation, itching even before the 24 hours end, please take the bandaid off as you maybe allergic to some ingredient in the product.

how to conduct a patch test ?

How to know if you are allergic to the product?

After removing the bandage, if the redness goes away in sometime that means you are mildly allergic to the product. However if you face itching and the redness does not go away this shows you are severely allergic to some ingredient in the product .

what does a patch test reveal ?